Monday 22 May 2023

'Xebbajtuna' - Malta Sociological Association calls for mainstreaming of social impact assessments

In its feedback to the upcoming 'Xebbajtuna' environment protest on 27 May, the Malta Sociological Association said

"As a sociological organization, we are regularly giving our feedback to Maltese and European policy-processes, wherein we strongly appeal for evidence-based policy making as well as continuous and rigorous public consultation. In this regard, we have been appealing for the mainstreaming of social impact assessments, not least in Malta's environmental policies as well as in reaction to public consultation for individual development projects. Sociological research is an important tool in such instances"

The Malta Sociological Association is an independent organisation which aims to develop and promote sociological knowledge. The Association promotes sociological research and contributes toward facilitating the cooperation of people working within the sociological field. It also aims at understanding and analysing social problems for the improvement of the quality of life.