Monday, 26 December 2016

Malta Sociological Association is established

The Malta Sociological Association has been established as an independent, non-profit and non-commercial voluntary organization (VO/1322).

The Association promotes sociological research and contributes toward facilitating the cooperation of people working within the sociological field. It also aims at understanding and analysing social problems for the improvement of the quality of life. 

As a scientific, independent organisation, MSA has no religious, political or any other kind of affiliation. The Association may decide to affiliate with international sociological associations.

Its functions are: 

to encourage the exchange of social research findings by developing a network of individuals working within the field of sociology;  
to organise meetings, seminars and workshop sessions with the intention of facilitating the participation of members in the analysis of social research;  
to publish a regular newsletter, at least twice annually, e-mailed to all members to keep them informed of ongoing and planned activities; 
to promote the study of social research and the dissemination of the results; and
to act as a source of sociological outreach within the Maltese society.

The first executive committee of MSA comprises:

Chairperson: Valerie Visanich
Vice-Chairperson: Maria Brown
Secretary: Angele Deguara
Treasurer: Mariella Debono
 Public Relations Officer: Michael Briguglio
Membership Officer: Lina Caruana
 Events Administrator: Noel Agius 
Student Representative: Bridget Borg

Sociologists and/or other social scientists, that is, persons with a recognised qualification in the field of social science, as well as tertiary level students of sociology and/or other social sciences are eligible for membership. 

More information is available at and at

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