Monday 27 November 2023

#EuropeanYearOfSkills Webinar - New Skills, Education, and Human Rights


Tuesday, December 12th 2023, 6.00pm (CET) via Zoom

As part of the “Visibility of the Invisible” seminar series, which is annually organised during December, International Human Rights Month, the Malta Sociological Association (MSA) will hold the webinar “The New Skills, Education and Human Rights” in the context of the European Year of Skills.

Join us to learn more about current initiatives regarding the new skills for jobs, about new policy briefs in the field of local labour markets and how inmates, through a skills-formation programme can increase their employability prospects. 

Our guest speakers will be: Dr. Daniela Vono de Vilhena from the Population Europe, the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, Berlin; Ms. Gonca Kara from the Applied Research & Innovation Centre, MCAST, Malta and Mr. Robert Cilia, Caritas volunteer and practitioner in Adult Education.

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