Monday 6 February 2023

Sociologists submit proposals for Malta’s Sustainable Development Strategy

The Malta Sociological Association (MSA) has submitted its feedback to the Government with respect to the public consultation on Sustainable Development Strategy 2050.
“On a macro-level, the MSA believes that over-dependence on construction/land development should be a cause for concern. Malta should look towards more sustainable economic models.”
“The MSA is also proposing that all industrial and construction activities include a plan identifying any negative impact on society/environment resulting from such activities and how the relevant private interests will mitigate against these as well as contribute positively to society in general”.
“The MSA is calling for an extension of the Green Leaders initiative and for the mainstreaming of accessibility in the strategy. One everyday example of this, which is not given enough importance in Malta’s policy process, is the need for accessible pavements.”
“The MSA also emphasizes that extensive deliberation and Social Impact Assessments should be mainstreamed in Malta’s policy process in general, not least in the Sustainable Development Strategy for 2050.”
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