Wednesday 15 June 2022

Interconnector between Malta and Sicily: MSA feedback to public consultation

 A/00018/21 – Second electrical interconnector between Malta and Sicily

Ministry: Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise  

To :EIA Team Environment & Resources Authority 

The Malta Sociological Association (MSA)  MSA is proposing that a social impact assessment (SIA) takes place on this proposal. Various methods, both quantitative and qualitative could be used within social impact assessments.  SIAs should involve the participation of different stakeholders. Analytic indicators should be provided and the entire process should be subject to peer review by independent experts in the field. This could help identify shortcomings and possible improvements to the same SIA. SIAs should not be one-off exercises: They should be ongoing processes which engage with various stakeholders and which report back so as to ensure effective policy processes. They should also use complementary research methods so as to ensure reliable and valid data.

We refer to international SIA standards, for example those set by the International Association for Impact Assessment: