Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Call for Abstracts: Exploring Postgender

In some societies, gender-neutral terms are gaining influence, in the attempt towards ensuring that gender is not used as a means of blocking individuals from fulfilling their personal freedom, choices and opportunities in life. Postgendered theory claims that the removal of binary gender is liberatory and allows for a more inclusive society.

The aim of this conference is to create a space for a discussion and exploration of postgenderism and its effects on society. WIPSS and MSA invite contributions on related themes such as:

- Is Postgenderism the future of human society?
- Is a postgendered society the way forward for gender equality?
- What is a postgendered society?
- Does Postgenderism redefine what is human?

The conference is organised by Work in Progress Seminar Series and the Malta Sociological Association. It will take place on Saturday 14th March in Valletta (venue to be announced in due course).

Please submit your abstracts by 6 January 2020 to:

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